Zombie Birthday Cards

Zombie Birthday CardsIf you have any zombie loving friends or family members with a birthday coming up then you can be sure they will absolutely love this selection of zombie birthday cards.

There’s even a personalized one available that you can add their name to it to make it extra special.  Although you should note that it comes with a promise to eat them last and to be honest I don’t think zombies keep promises so make


 Personalized Zombie Birthday Card Zombie Birthday Card Zombie-riffic Birthday Card Wine o’clock zombie card Legless birthday zombie card Zombie needs coffee… card


If none of these zombie birthday cards have tickled your fancy then you might like some of these from Etsy, a gorgeous meat kebab one and two inspired by one of the best shows on television at the moment – The Walking Dead!


 TWD Inspired Birthday Card Meat Kebab Zombie Card TWD Inspired Birthday Card

Zombie Birthday Cards
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Celebrate The Wrinkles With These Pug Birthday Cards!

Pug Birthday CardsPugs are absolutely beautiful dogs who always put a smile on my face so it’s no surprise that pug birthday cards are gorgeous and very popular.   If you don’t fall in love with at least one pug birthday card that I’ve featured here then words simply fail me.

I love all dogs, but I’ve never actually owned a pug.   I do, however have cousins and aunts who have been bitten by the pug bug and I think any of them will absolutely flip when they receive a pug birthday card this year.

I love the quality of birthday cards from Zazzle, the print quality is excellent and you can find some really unique cards as well.   The best thing of all is that you can personalize them.   I like to add my very own message in the card, but you don’t have to – it’s completely up to you.


Fun Pug Birthday Cards

Pug Puppy Happy Birthday CardPug Puppy Happy Birthday CardHappy birthday Pug dog CardHappy birthday Pug dog CardHappy Birthday Pug Card - Let's Celebrate!Happy Birthday Pug Card – Let’s Celebrate!Keep Calm Hug the Pug Birthday CardKeep Calm Hug the Pug Birthday CardPug Puppy Dog Happy Birthday CardPug Puppy Dog Happy Birthday CardSnoring Pug - Funny Birthday CardSnoring Pug – Funny Birthday Card


There are some gorgeous birthday cards for pug lovers to choose from, but first let me ask you a question – what’s better than a pug? Two pugs of course!

Happy Birthday Pug Puppy Dog Greeting CardHappy Birthday Pug Puppy Dog Greeting CardHappy Birthday Pug Puppy Dog Greeting Card - VerseHappy Birthday Pug Puppy Dog Greeting Card – VerseHappy Birthday Pug Puppy Dog Greeting CardHappy Birthday Pug Puppy Dog Greeting Card


I wonder what these wrinkly dogs think of our obsession about getting wrinkles as we get older – could you imagine if you had to buy wrinkle cream for them!


There are so many pug birthday cards to choose from that it’s hard to know how to pick just one. Just remember that birthdays are just a wrinkle in time and if you don’t get the perfect pug themed card this year you’ve still got next year.

Let’s round out the dog birthday cards with a selection of really cute ones for you.

wheres all your wrinkles pug birthday card greeting

Cute Pug Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday Pug Puppy Dog Greeting CardHappy Birthday Pug Puppy Dog Greeting CardPug Puppy Dog Blank Greeting Note CardPug Puppy Dog Blank Greeting Note CardPug Puppy Dog Happy Birthday CardPug Puppy Dog Happy Birthday Card


I hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of pug birthday cards of course pug greeting cards aren’t just for birthdays, we’ve found some fantastic pug Christmas cards as well!

Cute Pug Birthday Cards


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Dachshund Birthday Greetings

Dachshund Birthday Cards

The Perfect Birthday Greeting for Doxie Lovers

Dachshund Birthday GreetingsDachshunds, Doxies, Sausage Dogs, Weiners, whatever pet name you have for this breed of dog I can guarantee that once you fall in love with one then you will be a doxie lover for life!

The best way for anyone to celebrate your birthday would be with special Dachshund Birthday Greetings and these gorgeous doxie Birthday cards are the perfect way to kick off your special day.

Dachshund Birthday Greeting CardFunny Dachshund Birthday CardDachshund Birthday Greetings CardFunny Dachshund Birthday CardDachshund Happy Birthday CardRetro Dachshund Birthday Greetings

There are lots of different Dachshund birthday cards to choose from, I’ve only featured a few of my favorites, so each year you can receive a totally new card.

If you still have your favorite Dachshund at home with you then maybe someone can take a photo and get your very own personalized birthday card featuring your very own Dachshund. This service is available and very easy to do via Zazzle……if you’re lucky they may get carried away and not just get you a card, but a hoard of other gift ideas from canvas prints to mugs to t-shirts, even jewelry.

There really is something special about this little dogs, who are ultra protective of their owners (I’m sure they see themselves in their minds as big as a Great Dane rather than their small size!).   Anyone who’s had the privilege of knowing one would probably appreciate some of the cute and/or funny Dachshund cards that are available.

Birthdays aren’t the only celebration that you can celebrate in true ‘weiner’ fashion, however, there’s also a great collection of Dachshund Christmas cards to choose from too.

Dachshund Birthday Cards


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Owl Birthday Cards

Owl Birthday CardsThere’s something really special about owls which seems to affect many people around the world which is why I think owl birthday cards are so popular.

I’ve found some awesome owl birthday cards here that I’d love to send or receive from fun looking images of owls to cards based on photographs of owls.

Owl Birthday Cards
Want to purchase these cards?Siberian Eagle Owl Greeting Card | Teal & Purple Owl Birthday Card | Trio of Owls Birthday Card | Barn Owl Birthday Card


I can still remember the first time I saw an owl – it was perched in the rafters of a barn on my uncle’s farm. My dad pointed it out to me and I was mesmerized …. I’ve loved owls ever since. My mum is the one that really loves owls though and I compiled this selection of birthday cards in part to help myself choose a different card for her birthday every year!

Enough waffling, let’s look at some of the great owl birthday cards I’ve found for you – enjoy!


Barn Owl Birthday CardCustom Owl Birthday CardFlower Power Owl CardComputer Geek Owl CardFunny Owl Birthday CardFunny Birthday Owl CardTrio of Owls Birthday CardBarn Owl Birthday CardThree Birds Birthday Card


Of course you can always use a blank owl greeting card as a birthday card as well and there’s a few of them for you below as well. I personally like to have a few blank cards that I can use as a thank you or when I realize I’ve forgotten a birthday, anniversary or other such milestone.

Eurasian Eagle Owl Greeting CardOwl on Books (Black and White) Greeting CardOwl Floral Pattern Greeting CardSiberian Eagle Owl Greeting CardSimple Owl Drawing Greeting CardObserve And Reflect Greeting CardFun Purple & Blue Owl Greeting CardCute Owls On Branch Greeting CardPurple Owls on a Tree Greeting Card

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Gothic Birthday Cards

Send a Unique Birthday Greeting with a Gothic Birthday Card

Gothic Birthday CardsAre you looking for a Gothic birthday card? There are so many different types of Gothic sub-cultures around that defining what is a Gothic birthday card can be a little hard. I think you’ll find that I cover most types of Goths with this collection of Gothic birthday cards that I’ve found for you online.

All of these cards are only available online through Zazzle which allows you to fully customize the cards adding names to personalize it or even your own special birthday messages.
There are no minimum orders required (although discounts are available for bulk orders) and your Gothic birthday card will be made within 24 hours.

What are we waiting for? Let’s have a look at some of these great Gothic birthday cards and see what one will suit your needs best.

Dark Gothic Birthday Cards

There are lots of different aspects to the Goth culture, but a lot of people just think it’s about looking at the ‘dark’ side of things which is a shame as Goth is all about beauty and romance and lots of other things. Some of us do, however, embrace the dark side of nature and if you know someone like this then these are ideal birthday cards for them.

dark angel birthday cardDark Angel and Steeple Birthday Cardraven, cross and skull cardRaven, Cross and Skull Cardfallen headstone gothic cardFallen Headstone Gothic Birthday Cardgraveyard scene gothic birthday cardGraveyard Scene Gothic Birthday Cardcolorful gothic coffins birthday cardColorful Gothic Coffins Happy Birthday Cardgrim reaper greeting cardGrim Reaper Birthday Greeting Cardhappy birthday ravens den cardHappy Birthday – Ravens Den Cardsgothic cathedral in purple birthday cardGothic Cathedral in Purple Happy Birthday Cardpurple lightning storm gothic cardPurple Lightning Storm Gothic Card

Personalized Gothic Birthday Cards

It’s always nice when you can personalize a birthday card with someone’s names and it’s not often that you can find Gothic style cards where you can do this. I love that I’ve found these and I’ll be sending the middle one to someone very special this year – I love the black and purple of the card and I’m sure she will too.

purple gothic customized birthday cardPurple Gothic Customized Birthday Cardpersonalized gothic birthday cardsPersonalized Gothic Birthday Cardpersonalized gothic birthday cardPersonalized Gothic Birthday Card

Gothic Fairies & Gothic Ladies Birthday Cards

cute fun gothic fairy birthday cardCute Fun Gothic Fairy Happy Birthday Cardgothic birthday card‘Birthday Fright’ Gothic Birthday Cardbirthday card with gothic fairyBirthday Card with Moonies Gothic Fairy’s

There are lots of different styles of Gothic woman from this purple romantic version right through to these other designs above.

goth woman greeting cardGoth Woman Greeting Card

They are all full of dark fantasies and are, in my opinion, simply gorgeous!

I’m rather partial to the color purple which is why I like the fantasy card on the left, but there are also some more ethereal designs which are quite Gothic in feel that you can see really well in the middle card below. Ghostly, Gothic, gorgeous or just a perfect card?

I hope you enjoy these fantasy Gothic women when they send you lots of birthday wishes.

gothic couture swallow fairy card“Gracie” Gothic Couture Swallow Fairy Cardspooky gothic lady greeting cardSpooky Gothic Lady Greeting Cardborn to raze hell gothic birthday cardBorn to Raze Hell Birthday Gothic Greeting Card

From the Gothic ladies above right through to the sexy Gothic lady image below you can see how many different styles are encompassed within the Goth culture.

sexy gothic lady birthday greeting cardHappy Birthday, Sexy Gothic Lady Greeting Card

Fun Goth Inspired Birthday Cards

Sometimes you need to lighten up a bit and these next couple of cards really add a fun element to Goth which won’t suit everyone, but I know a couple of young ‘wannabe’ Goths that would be very amused to receive one of these!

batty birthday blood bats goth emo alternative cardBatty Birthday Blood Bats Goth Emo Alternative Cardcute gothic winged heart greeting cardCute Gothic Winged Heart Greeting Card

Emo Goth | Cyber Goth Birthday Cards

girly pink goth fanged skull on black cardGirly Pink Goth Fanged Skull on Black Cardcute punk goth hot pink and black birthday cardCute Punk Goth Hot Pink and Black Birthday Card

More Gothic Birthday Cards

With so many different sub-cultures within the overall Gothic culture it’s hardly surprising to find a wide range of different birthday cards that are labeled Gothic and here are yet more!

fancy blue gothic birthday cardFancy Blue Gothic Birthday Day Cardbirthday greetings cardBirthday Greetings Greeting Cardabstract floral gothic black greeting cardAbstract Floral Gothic Black Greeting Cardred rose gothic birthday cardRed Rose Gothic Birthday Greeting Cardgothic rose birthday cardGothic Rose Birthday Greetings Cardvintage rose happy birthday greeting cardVintage Rose Happy Birthday Greeting Cardblack cros birthday cake greeeting cardBlack Crow Birthday Cake Greeting Cardgothic black crow birthday cardGothic Black Crow Birthday Cardfour ravens in snow greeting cardFour Ravens in Snow Greeting Card

If you’re not sure what type of Goth you’re buying a card for then I’d go with the first card in this section as it’s dark enough for most Goths, but it’s a more generalized Gothic than some of the other cards.


Gothic Birthday Cards

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Flower Birthday Cards

What Flower Would You Like on Your Birthday Card?

Flower Birthday CardsFlower birthday cards have long been popular from the very first (commercially available) birthday cards sent by the Victorians to today’s society. The most popular birthday card flower is definitely the rose, but there are lots of other popular floral designs for you to chose from.

I have included a selection of my favorite birthday card flower – the blue iris – along with flower birthday cards for you to customize, vintage designs and modern flower greeting cards.

This year flower birthday cards are blooming all over the place and these are no exception. They are made on high quality card stock by a variety of different artists and photographers and are available for you to purchase from your own home – what could be easier?

Blue Iris Birthday Cards

Floral Greeting Cards Never Looked as Good!

My favorite flower is definitely the Blue Iris – I love the Dutch Iris and the Flag Iris, in fact in some garden centers they seem to mix the two different irises up……or maybe it depends on where you live! There’s something magical about an iris, but the deep blue adds even more of a depth to the flower which is why they are my favorite.

I’ve never tried to grow them myself, but I’ve told my hubby enough times to leave the roses for other people and bring me blue irises (I love roses too, but they can’t hold a torch to these beauties). These three cards would certainly stay up on my shelf long after my birthday has passed 😀

iris birthday cardsGorgeous Blue Iris Happy Birthday Cardiris birthday greeting cardIris Vase “Happy Birthday” Greeting Cardblue flag iris flower photography birthday cardBlue Flag Iris Flower Photography Birthday Card

Personalize Your Flower Birthday Cards

Vintage Style Floral Birthday Greetings

These flower birthday cards are both cards with frames that enable you to upload a special photo or image to Zazzle yourself and personalize the card to make it extra special. It’s really quite simple to do – click on the design you want and then click on the customize button. Next you’ll want to click on add image and upload the image from your computer – click ok and you’re nearly there.

I found that the image I had was too big to fit in the frame so I clicked the – (minus) sign until the picture was small enough to be central in the frame. I think this would be great to add a picture of a loved pet, family member or friend. If they’re a prize winning gardener you could always add a photo from their latest prize winning plant.

personalized poppy birthday greetings cardPoppy Birthday Greetings Card Framenasturtium birthday greetings cardNasturtium Birthday Greetings Card Frame

More Vintage Inspired Birthday Cards

Floral Cards (of course!)

begonia vintage birthday cardBegonia Vintage Birthday Cardvintage flower birthday cardVintage Flower Birthday Card

More Flower Birthday Cards

happy birthday flowers greeting cardHappy Birthday Flowers | Greeting Cards

There are so many different types of flowers that the amount of variety in floral birthday cards can be quite breathtaking, but I’m hopeful that you’ll be able to find something you like from the selection I’ve cultivated for you here.

If you’re not sure which card to purchase you can always go with a mixed bouquet or a collage of different flowers. I love the look of the flower collage on the birthday card opposite as I think the designer has selected the four different flowers (and their settings) beautifully, it just feels festive to me, but the white flowers on the bottom keep it from being too over the top – what do you think?

floral tribute birthday cardFloral Tribute Birthday Greetings Cardflower frame birthday cardFlower Frame-BD Greeting Cardsfloral birthday greeting cardsFloral Birthday Greeting Cardssophisticated flower birthday cardSophisticated Flower Birthday Cardbirthday greeting cardHappy Birthday Greeting Cardgorgeous flower photo birthday cardGorgeous Flower Photo Birthday card

Rose Birthday Cards

The rose or roses are most definitely the most popular of all the birthday card flowers, as you know the blue iris is mine, but it appears that I’m in the minority as most people will think of roses when they think of flowers.

Not wanting to dominate my selection of flower birthday cards with a collection of rose birthday cards I’ve given them their very own page – enjoy!

Rose Birthday Cards
Are you looking for the perfect birthday card for someone who loves roses? Then I have a selection you are going to love from pink roses to purple roses, vin

More Flower Birthday Cards

A Floral Birthday Tribute

Let’s continue our browse through the florist shop that this card page seems to have turned into and find the ‘perfect’ floral birthday card for you to give to someone. There are classic designs ideal for special grandmas as well as modern designs that will look fantastic for your diva-like sister!

pink floral birthday cardPink Floral Happy Birthday Cardpink tulips birthday cardHappy Birthday-Pink Tulips Cardspotted lily birthday cardFramed Spotted Lily Birthday Cardhibiscus flower birthday cardHibiscus And Friends Flower Birthday Cardgerbera birthday cardGerbera Happy Birthday Cardpink coneflower birthday cardPink Coneflower Birthday Card


“Each flower is a soul blossoming out to nature.”
Gerard De Nerval

vintage victorian floral birthday cardVintage Victorian Floral Birthday Day Cardbright and cheerful floral birthday cardBright & Cheerful Floral Birthday Cardpretty purple flowers birthday cardPretty Purple Flowers Birthday Cardred flower birthday cardRed Flower – Happy Birthday Cardwhite tulips birthday greeting cardWhite Tulips • Birthday Greeting Cardred floral birthday cardRed Flash Floral Birthday Card

Gorgeous floral birthday cards

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Rose Birthday Cards

Use a Rose Card to Send Birthday Greetings

Rose Birthday CardsAre you looking for the perfect birthday card for someone who loves roses? Then I have a selection you are going to love from pink roses to purple roses, vintage and stylish there are some gorgeous rose birthday cards here which are bound to make someone’s birthday extra special.

My Gran’s favorite flower was a rose and in her mind all roses had to be red so a red rose birthday card would make her day…….and often did, along with a bunch of red roses from my step-Grandad that is.

Personally I love purple roses because they’re just a little bit more unique and they also usually have a great smell.

A lot of gardeners love flowers of any description so a beautiful birthday card featuring a rose would be a special touch. Let’s not forget that roses also say so much which makes them ideal for partners, mothers, grandmothers, aunts and friends just to say I love you as well as to convey birthday greetings – why these cards really do do double duty!

Rose Birthday Cards

Pink Through to Red Rose Cards

If I say roses to you I expect the first blooms that come to mind are either red or pink as they seem to be the most popular ones available which is why I’ve started this page with cards featuring roses from the palest pinks through to the deepest reds.

It really is hard to pick a favorite from this selection, but I will let you in on something – the last three are cards made from photographs I took myself at the rose gardens in Hamilton, New Zealand.

pink rose birthday cardPink Rose Birthday Greetings Carddusty pink birthday cardGorgeous Dusty Rose Birthday Cardrose birthday cardsHappy Birthday Rose Greeting Cardrose birthday cardPink Rose Birthday Wishes Cardpink rose birthday cardsPink Rose Birthday Greeting Cardspink rose birthday greeting cardHappy Birthday Pink Rose Greeting Cardgorgeous red rose birthday cardGorgeous Red Rose Birthday Carddeep pink rose birthday cardDeep Pink Rose Birthday Cardrose birthday cardRose Birthday Greetings Cards


“A single rose can be my garden….a single friend, my world.”
Leo Buscaglia


Purple Birthday Greetings

Ethereal Rose Birthday Cards

I love the color purple and there’s something really special about these cards featuring beautiful purple roses. When it comes to the language of flowers they say that a purple rose means enchantment and if that’s the case then these cards really give credence to the magical definition.

dreaming rose birthday cardDreaming Rose Birthday Cardromantic rose birthday cardRomantic Rose Birthday Card

Rose Birthday Cards

Orange & Peach Roses

Now I must admit I’m not that taken with orange or peach colored roses and never have been, however when I got married I had peach roses in my bridal posy!

orange rose greeting cardOrange Rose Cardrose birthday cardRosy Birthday Card


“Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet.”
Katharine Lee Bates

Yellow Rose Birthday Cards

Cheery Birthday Cards

Yellow roses are one of my husband’s favorites shades of the flower. I’m not sure why and until a couple of years ago I never really appreciated them myself. It was really a visit to a rose garden on morning when the dew was still on the flowers and the way the sun’s rays was kissing the yellow roses that finally won me over!

raindrop on rose birthday cardHappy Birthday Raindrop Rose Cardyellow rose birthday cardYellow Rose Birthday Greetings Card

Black & White Rose Birthday Cards

White roses are said to symbolize purity and innocent and they are certainly a lovely companion to other flowers when it comes to bouquets. When it comes to cards, however you can’t go past a white rose and a dog, especially such a cute dalmatian as the one below!

dalmatian puppy and white rose birthday cardDalmatian Puppy And White Rose Birthday Cardblack and white gothic rose birthday cardBlack & White Gothic Rose Birthday Card


“A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.”
Gertrude Stein

Vintage Rose Cards

Beautiful & Timeless Birthday Cards

pink rose birthday cardStunning Catherine Klein Pink Rose Birthday Cardvintage roses birthday cardVintage Roses Birthday Cardvintage pink roses birthday cardStunning Paul De Longpre Pink Roses Birthday Cardvintage pink rose birthday greeting cardVintage Pink Rose Green Birthday Greeting Cardvictorian girl roses vintage birthday greetingsVictorian girl roses vintage birthday greeting cardvintage birthday card with robins and rosesVintage Birthday Greetings Card with Robins & Roses

More Floral Birthday Cards

As you can see with this next beautiful birthday cards there are other flowers which make great birthday cards as well as roses (but isn’t the purple rose gorgeous!)

happy birthday pink rose greeting cardHappy Birthday- Pink Rose Greeting Cards

If you want floral flowers, but they don’t have to be roses then check out this post –

Flower Birthday Cards
Flower birthday cards have long been popular from the very first (commercially available) birthday cards sent by the Victorians to…..


Rose Birthday Cards

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Bird Birthday Cards

Send Your Birthday Wishes with a Bird Birthday Card!

Bird Birthday Cards
Kookaburra photo by Louanne Cox of Lou’s Designs

Are you looking for a bird birthday card to send to someone this year? Whether you want to send a funny or cute card there are bird birthday cards to suit. There are also some great bird birthday cards that are based on bird photography and these are sure to impress any birdwatcher that you know.

I think everyone has their favorite bird, my mum loves owls while I like seagulls……mind you I also think pukekos are cute and I have a friendly magpie that comes onto my back balcony to talk to me in the mornings! Whatever bird you like best I’m sure you’ll find a lovely selection of birds on these birthday cards

Duck Cards

A ‘Quacker’ of a Birthday Card Idea

party of ducks birthday cardParty of Ducks Birthday Cardduck birthday cardsDuck Birthday Greetings Cardhappy birthday duck greeting cardHappy Birthday Duck Greeting Card

I think just about everyone loves ducks so these cards should be ideal to send to a number of different people. Feeding ducks seems to be something we do as kids and then again when we have kids ourselves or are looking after nieces and nephews etc. I am sure that’s why so many people love to see photos of ducks – I particularly like the duck with the reflection above.

Seagull Birthday Cards

Take Yourself Away to the Ocean!

seagull birthday cardsSeagull Birthday Greeting Cardlaughing gull birthday cardAunt’s Laughing Gull Bird Birthday Cardseagulls at sunset birthday cardSeagull at Sunset Birthday Card

Seagulls are one of my favorite birds, there’s just something about them that I find really relaxing (and no definitely not the sound that they make!) The middle bird birthday card featured above is a Seagull Birthday Card for an Aunt, but the great thing about it is that if you click on it you can personalize it to add a friend’s name or another word like Mom or Brother etc. I do love the fact that nearly all of the cards featured on this page can be personalized.

Owl Cards

Have a Hoot of a Time This Birthday!

You’ll ensure that someone has a hoot of a birthday when you send them a gorgeous owl birthday card. Owls are always considered wise old birds so in a way you’re paying someone quite a compliment.

bard owl greeting cardElegant Christmas, Barn Owl, Bird Greeting Cardcute owl birthday cardEncouraging, Compliment Cute Owl Birthday Cardnight owl birthday cardNight Owl Birthday Greeting Card

I must admit I love owl cards as they make me think of my mum who loves owls and would absolutely flip out over any of these cards for her birthday!

More Great Bird Birthday Cards

From Pukekos to Pelicans!

There are so many different types of birds that you can find on cards these days that it’s hard to know when to stop adding them! There are some great birds like pukekos that you might not have heard of before as they’re native to New Zealand. I’ve included two of them here because I think they are just plain cool looking birds! They have a purple chest and red head and when you see them trying to take off in flight from water they are a sight to behold – it’s almost like they’re walking on water and you don’t think they’ll ever be able to fly!

I’ve also added a spoonbill and a common sight in the part of Australia where I live – a pelican. Add a coot and a heron into the mix and the other birds that I’ve added elsewhere on the page and I think it’s a lovely collection. I would’ve loved to have added kingfishers and robins, even pigeons, but there’s only so much space available on a webpage so I might have to add them on a second page in the future.

spoonbill birthday cardSpoonbill Birthday Cardcoot greeting cardCoot Greeting Cardpelican birthday cardBirthday Card with Pelicanpukeko birthday cardPukeko Birthday Cardpukeko birthday cardsPukeko Birthday Cardblue heron greeting cardBlue Heron Greeting Card

More Greeting Cards for You

Cute and/or Funny Bird Birthday Cards

hoppy bird-day funny greeting card“hoppy bird-day” Funny Greeting Cardcrazy old bird birthday cardCrazy Old Bird, Happy Birthday! Raven Cardfunny birds birthday cardFunny Birds Birthday Greeting Cardhappy birthday chick greeting cardHappy Birthday Chick Greeting Cardsowls greeting cardPink Owls in a Row Greeting Cardpink bird birthday cardHappy Birthday Pink Bird Greeting Card

Why We Love Birds

I think this quote sums up what it is we love about birds, don’t you?


“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
Maya Angelou

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Batman Greeting Cards – A Super Way to Say Happy Birthday!

batman greeting cardsWhether you want to say hello or wish someone a Happy Birthday if they’re a fan of the Caped Crusader then these Batman greeting cards will be well received.

There are lots of different Batman birthday cards available from the Batman logo to Batman in action by himself or with his trusty sidekick Robin or even pictured with some of the biggest Batman villains. Let’s have a look at what Batman greeting cards you can purchase online today.

Personally I love the classic Batman with the ‘Pow’ & ‘Sock’ and the theme music ….’na na na na na Batman!’ – forget about Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton or Christian Bale to me Batman will always be Adam West!

Batman Logo Birthday Cards

Instantly Recognizable for Fans & Non-Fans Alike – The Bat Logo!

There’s no mistaking who’s logo this is, it’s the caped crusader, the Gotham City hero, Batman himself!

Batman Bat Logo Oval CardBatman Insignia Drawing Greeting CardBatman Decorated Logo Card

I’m not sure if there’s a logo as instantly recognizable across such a wide range of generations as the Bat symbol – it can be found on a range of products from the birthday cards above to belt buckles, t-shirts and more.

The Caped Crusader Cards

Cool Batman Greeting Cards

These cards are all blank on the inside, but you can get your own message printed inside when you order them or just buy them as is and write your message in the card. Whichever option you choose one thing is for sure the recipient will love these Batman cards –

Batman Knight FX – 12B Greeting CardBatman Scenes – Moon Side View CardBatman Knight Greeting CardBatman Hyperdrive Greeting CardBatman Scenes – Scaling Wall CardBatman Knight Greeting Card


Batman & Robin Greeting Cards

Have a Bat-tastic Day!

These great greeting cards show the Dynamic Duo in action together against the forces of evil who are out to hurt the residents of their beloved Gotham City – these two will stop at nothing to see justice done. I really don’t think that Batman would be half as good without Robin along side him, let’s face it all the best superheroes need a great sidekick!

Batman & Robin Escape CardBatman Hyperdrive – 18A CardBatman Urban Legends – CS3 CardBatman Comic – with Robin Greeting CardBatman Hyperdrive – 19B Greeting CardsBatman Knight FX – 20A CardBatman & Robin Profile CardBatman Knight FX – 20B Greeting CardsBatman & Robin 2 Greeting Cards


Batman Villains

Without villains to fight we wouldn’t need a Caped Crusader like Batman so let’s look at some Batman Greeting Cards that celebrate the likes of the Joker and Riddler as well….

The Joker Greeting Cards

Batman Knight FX- 22A CardsBatman Hyperdrive – 20A CardBatman Hyperdrive – 21B Greeting Card


Batman & The Joker Greeting Cards

Let The Games Begin…..

Batman Rogue Rage – 3 Greeting CardBatman Rogue Rage – 4 Greeting CardBatman Rogue Rage – 11 Greeting CardsBatman & Joker – Battle Greeting CardsBatman Knight FX – 8 CardsBatman #11 Comic Greeting Cards


The Riddler Greeting Cards

When I was a child I used to love the Riddler as I have always enjoyed riddles and games – I especially loved the question mark shaped cane he used to have – do you remember that? I haven’t come across a card with it on, but I’m positive he used to have one.

The Riddler & Logo Green Greeting CardBlack & White The Riddler Greeting CardThe Riddler & Logo Purple Greeting Card


Batman & The Riddler Greeting Cards

Classic & Cool Cards from the Animated Series

A-ha! I’ve finally found a card where the Riddler has his cane ……. I knew I hadn’t imagined the cane, I really would love to own one some day.

Batman -&Riddler Greeting CardBatman Fights Riddler Greeting Card


Catwoman Greeting Cards

Catwoman & Logo Green Greeting CardCatwoman & Logo Pink CardCatwoman Stands Greeting Card


The Penguin Greeting Cards

I know that The Penguin was one of the bad guys, but he was a character I did like and I also used to feel sorry for him because he’d been bullied as a child. I loved it when he wore a purple top hat as opposed to the usual black one – it just looked cool!

The Penguin Greeting CardThe Penguin Greeting Card


Harley Quinn Birthday Cards

Batman – Harley Quinn Greeting CardHarley Quinn Batman Greeting CardBatman Harly Quinn Greeting Card


The Batmobile Greeting Cards

Now That’s What I Call A Car

Forget Batman…….. for me it’s always been all about the car! Who wouldn’t want to drive the Batmobile?

Batman Hyperdrive – 25B CardBatman Hyperdrive – 25A CardBatman Hyperdrive – 24A Cards


But Wait, There’s More…

Some Cool Caped Crusader Cards

Batman Head 2 Greeting CardsDetective Comics #387 Greeting CardsBatman Swings From Skyscraper CardsBatman Knight FX – 15 CardsBatman Hyperdrive – 11B Greeting CardsBatman Knight FX – 18A Greeting Card

Batman Birthday Cards


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