Let’s Find Some Pokemon Christmas Cards!

Pokemon Christmas Greeting CardsDid you know that you could get Pokemon Christmas cards to send to your friends and family this holiday season?  I tripped over them quite by accident and so had to share them.

Since the advent of Pokemon Go I have found the number of people in my circles who are now Pokemon fans has absolutely exploded.   I know they will love to receive a Pokemon themed card.

The most common Pokemon that people seem to recognize is Pikachu and he is popping up all over the place in my part of the world so let’s look at a few Pikachu Christmas cards……

Pikachu Christmas Cards

All I Want for Christmas is Chu!


Pikachu (Pokemon) Christmas CardPikachu (Pokemon) Christmas CardAll I Want For Christmas Is Chu CardAll I Want For Christmas Is Chu CardPokemon Christmas Greeting Card - PikachuPokemon Christmas Greeting Card – Pikachu


Isn’t Pikachu cute?   I think he really rocks the Santa hat, but you can always get him to leave the Santa hat behind and get this personalized Christmas card which is sure to be a hit –


POKEMON Personalised Christmas Card - PikachuPOKEMON Personalised Christmas Card – Pikachu


More Pokemon Christmas Greeting Cards

The Holidays Are Always Better Together CardThe Holidays Are Always Better Together Card

I love the holiday card with the Pokemon friends all sitting by the Christmas tree, you can imagine that they’re waiting for Santa to arrive with all of their gifts!
Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander are the four inspirations behind this card – the only thing that I think could make this card better is if there was a Pokeball on top of the tree instead of a star!
The other two cards are also cool starring a very festive looking Jigglypuff on one card or Psyduck wearing a paper hat from a Christmas bonbon on another. It’s so hard to choose just one card from this page isn’t it? Luckily I do have a solution to this question further down the page.


Jigglypuff Pun Christmas Greeting CardJigglypuff Pun Christmas Greeting CardPokemon Psyduck Christmas Greeting CardPokemon Psyduck Christmas Greeting Card


Now I did promise a solution and I plan to deliver….. if you can’t choose just one card then why not buy a set of Pokemon greeting cards? Also available on Etsy is this fun Pokemon set of 5 cards (if you don’t want them all they are also available to purchase singly as well)

SET OF 5 Pokemon Christmas Greeting CardsSET OF 5 Pokemon Christmas Greeting Cards


These gorgeous cards are like little pieces of art staring Pikachu, Eevee, Charmander, Bulbasaur & Squirtle. The cards are blank on the inside and I personally think they will be very highly treasured by any fan.

I love the art so much I’m tempted to buy the cards and put them in small white box frames as a gift for my Pokemon Go playing brother as they would look great in his home office!

Pokemon Go Christmas Cards

It’s All About the Pokeball!

For Pokemon Go fans who don’t have a favorite Pokemon (or you don’t know their favorite) there’s one important thing that they all need – Pokeballs!   Here are some of the cool Pokeball Pokemon Go Christmas cards to choose from –


Funny Pokemon Christmas Card 'Deck the Halls with Poke BallsFunny Pokemon Christmas Card ‘Deck the Halls with Poke Balls”Deck the halls with Pokeballs Pokemon Christmas Greeting CardDeck the halls with Pokeballs Pokemon Christmas Greeting Card



Both of these cards (above) take their inspiration from the song – Deck the Halls – which is understandable. My favorite is definitely the Christmas tree one and you could always combine the card with a Pokemon Pokeball Christmas ornament as a gift – they are pretty cool.

DIY Pokemon Christmas Cards

Of course you could always make your own Pokemon Christmas cards, I’ve found a great tutorial for a Pokeball Christmas Card for you to use (or just take inspiration from).

DIY Pokemon Christmas Card

The other idea is just to check out some of the free printable Pokemon images online and use them to make your own cards either with cardstock or a blank card set (with envelopes).   I’ve found a site that offers a lot of Pokemon printables –

Free Pokemon Printables


Pokemon Christmas Cards


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