Zombie Birthday Cards

Zombie Birthday CardsIf you have any zombie loving friends or family members with a birthday coming up then you can be sure they will absolutely love this selection of zombie birthday cards.

There’s even a personalized one available that you can add their name to it to make it extra special.  Although you should note that it comes with a promise to eat them last and to be honest I don’t think zombies keep promises so make


 Personalized Zombie Birthday Card Zombie Birthday Card Zombie-riffic Birthday Card Wine o’clock zombie card Legless birthday zombie card Zombie needs coffee… card


If none of these zombie birthday cards have tickled your fancy then you might like some of these from Etsy, a gorgeous meat kebab one and two inspired by one of the best shows on television at the moment – The Walking Dead!


 TWD Inspired Birthday Card Meat Kebab Zombie Card TWD Inspired Birthday Card

Zombie Birthday Cards
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Batman Greeting Cards – A Super Way to Say Happy Birthday!

batman greeting cardsWhether you want to say hello or wish someone a Happy Birthday if they’re a fan of the Caped Crusader then these Batman greeting cards will be well received.

There are lots of different Batman birthday cards available from the Batman logo to Batman in action by himself or with his trusty sidekick Robin or even pictured with some of the biggest Batman villains. Let’s have a look at what Batman greeting cards you can purchase online today.

Personally I love the classic Batman with the ‘Pow’ & ‘Sock’ and the theme music ….’na na na na na Batman!’ – forget about Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton or Christian Bale to me Batman will always be Adam West!

Batman Logo Birthday Cards

Instantly Recognizable for Fans & Non-Fans Alike – The Bat Logo!

There’s no mistaking who’s logo this is, it’s the caped crusader, the Gotham City hero, Batman himself!

Batman Bat Logo Oval CardBatman Insignia Drawing Greeting CardBatman Decorated Logo Card

I’m not sure if there’s a logo as instantly recognizable across such a wide range of generations as the Bat symbol – it can be found on a range of products from the birthday cards above to belt buckles, t-shirts and more.

The Caped Crusader Cards

Cool Batman Greeting Cards

These cards are all blank on the inside, but you can get your own message printed inside when you order them or just buy them as is and write your message in the card. Whichever option you choose one thing is for sure the recipient will love these Batman cards –

Batman Knight FX – 12B Greeting CardBatman Scenes – Moon Side View CardBatman Knight Greeting CardBatman Hyperdrive Greeting CardBatman Scenes – Scaling Wall CardBatman Knight Greeting Card


Batman & Robin Greeting Cards

Have a Bat-tastic Day!

These great greeting cards show the Dynamic Duo in action together against the forces of evil who are out to hurt the residents of their beloved Gotham City – these two will stop at nothing to see justice done. I really don’t think that Batman would be half as good without Robin along side him, let’s face it all the best superheroes need a great sidekick!

Batman & Robin Escape CardBatman Hyperdrive – 18A CardBatman Urban Legends – CS3 CardBatman Comic – with Robin Greeting CardBatman Hyperdrive – 19B Greeting CardsBatman Knight FX – 20A CardBatman & Robin Profile CardBatman Knight FX – 20B Greeting CardsBatman & Robin 2 Greeting Cards


Batman Villains

Without villains to fight we wouldn’t need a Caped Crusader like Batman so let’s look at some Batman Greeting Cards that celebrate the likes of the Joker and Riddler as well….

The Joker Greeting Cards

Batman Knight FX- 22A CardsBatman Hyperdrive – 20A CardBatman Hyperdrive – 21B Greeting Card


Batman & The Joker Greeting Cards

Let The Games Begin…..

Batman Rogue Rage – 3 Greeting CardBatman Rogue Rage – 4 Greeting CardBatman Rogue Rage – 11 Greeting CardsBatman & Joker – Battle Greeting CardsBatman Knight FX – 8 CardsBatman #11 Comic Greeting Cards


The Riddler Greeting Cards

When I was a child I used to love the Riddler as I have always enjoyed riddles and games – I especially loved the question mark shaped cane he used to have – do you remember that? I haven’t come across a card with it on, but I’m positive he used to have one.

The Riddler & Logo Green Greeting CardBlack & White The Riddler Greeting CardThe Riddler & Logo Purple Greeting Card


Batman & The Riddler Greeting Cards

Classic & Cool Cards from the Animated Series

A-ha! I’ve finally found a card where the Riddler has his cane ……. I knew I hadn’t imagined the cane, I really would love to own one some day.

Batman -&Riddler Greeting CardBatman Fights Riddler Greeting Card


Catwoman Greeting Cards

Catwoman & Logo Green Greeting CardCatwoman & Logo Pink CardCatwoman Stands Greeting Card


The Penguin Greeting Cards

I know that The Penguin was one of the bad guys, but he was a character I did like and I also used to feel sorry for him because he’d been bullied as a child. I loved it when he wore a purple top hat as opposed to the usual black one – it just looked cool!

The Penguin Greeting CardThe Penguin Greeting Card


Harley Quinn Birthday Cards

Batman – Harley Quinn Greeting CardHarley Quinn Batman Greeting CardBatman Harly Quinn Greeting Card


The Batmobile Greeting Cards

Now That’s What I Call A Car

Forget Batman…….. for me it’s always been all about the car! Who wouldn’t want to drive the Batmobile?

Batman Hyperdrive – 25B CardBatman Hyperdrive – 25A CardBatman Hyperdrive – 24A Cards


But Wait, There’s More…

Some Cool Caped Crusader Cards

Batman Head 2 Greeting CardsDetective Comics #387 Greeting CardsBatman Swings From Skyscraper CardsBatman Knight FX – 15 CardsBatman Hyperdrive – 11B Greeting CardsBatman Knight FX – 18A Greeting Card

Batman Birthday Cards


Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.