Dog Christmas Cards

Get a Christmas Card Featuring Your Favorite Dog?

Dog Christmas Greeting CardsI always make sure that my dogs have a present under the Christmas tree every year, but I didn’t think about popping them on our Christmas card until recent years.

If your dog is camera shy then you can check out some of the great dog Christmas cards I’ve compiled for you here – big dogs, little dogs, shy dogs and extroverts I’ve included a wide range for you here.

I will be constantly updating this page to include new breeds, but if you’re after a specific type of dog Christmas card please add a request in the comments and I’ll try to accommodate you.


Beagle Christmas Cards

I’ve never owned a beagle, but they do look cute at times especially when they’re looking at you with their eager brown eyes! I particularly like the beagle pup asleep in the Christmas stocking – that’s my pick for a gorgeous beagle Christmas card!

Beagle in a Wreath Christmas Cardbeagle in a wreath christmas cardBeagle in a Gift Box Greeting Cardbeagle in a gift box greeting cardSleepy Christmas Beagle Greeting Cardbeagle christmas cardsBeagle Pup in Stocking Christmas Cardbeagle pup in stocking christmas cardBeagle Christmas Mail Cardbeagle christmas mail cardGorgeous Beagle Christmas Cardbeagle christmas card

Boston Terrier Christmas Cards

A Very Cheeky Dog Indeed!

I met my first Boston Terrier only a few years ago when our Amstaff first came to us and we went to puppy school. A little Boston Terrier pup came over and proceeded to try and show our little man that he was the boss – Roman just looked at him and back at us as though to say – is he serious?

They enjoyed playing together quite a bit and I have to say that Max (the Boston Terrier) acted as cheeky as he looked which is apparently one of their traits. Unfortunately they moved away so we couldn’t keep the dogs friendship up, but I can totally understand how once you’ve owned one Boston Terrier you can be completely hooked!

Boston Terrier in Christmas Lights Greeting Cardboston terrier in christmas lights cardBoston Terrier Reindeer Christmas Cardboston terrier reindeer chrismtas cardCute Boston Terrier Christmas Cardboston terrier christmas cardsBoston Terrier Santa Christmas Cardboston terrier santa christmas cardCartoon Boston Terrier Christmas Cardcartoon boston terrier christmas cardNaughty Boston Terrier! Christmas Cardnaughty boston terrier christmas card

I think any of these Christmas cards would be great, but the first one with the dog tangled in lights really seems like something Max would’ve done so if you’re unsure and you want another opinion – pick that card!

Boxer Christmas Cards

Boxers are pretty cool dogs too (I’ll confess there’s not many dogs I don’t fall for though!), but I think boxer pups are even cuter! I can still remember over 20 years ago a girl I worked with came to show off her new boxer pup and I felt like running away with it – he was so cute! I don’t know much about the boxer’s personality so I’m not sure which Christmas card is the best one to send, but I particularly like the cartoon boxer taking a letter to the mail box.

Boxer Christmas Mail Greeting Cardboxer christmas mail greeting cardChristmas Boxer Dog Greeting Cardchristmas boxer dog greeting cardMerry Christmas Boxer Puppy Greeting Cardchristmas boxer puppy greeting cardBoxer Puppy Happy Holidays Cardboxer pupper happy holidays cardSanta Hat Boxer Christmas Cardsanta hat boxer christmas cardGorgeous Boxer Christmas Greeting Cardgorgeous boxer christmas card

Chihuahua Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas Chihuahua!

First there was Beverley Hills Chihuahua and then I brought you Merry Christmas Chihuahua …….. in card form that is, enjoy –

Chihuahua in Christmas Hat & Scarf Cardchihuahua in christmas hat and scarf cardChihuahua Christmas Bauble Greeting Cardchihuahua christmas cardsMerry Christmas Chihuahua Greeting Cardmerry christmas chihuahua greeting cardCute Christmas Chihuahua Santa Cardcute christmas chihuahua santa cardChihuahua Pair in Santa Suits Cardchihuahua pair in santa suits cardChihuahua Santa Greeting Cardchihuahua santa greeting card

Dachshund Christmas Cards

There are some gorgeous Dachshund Christmas cards around so I’ve made them their own little page right here –

Dachshund Christmas Cards


Dalmatian Christmas Cards

There are some simply beautiful Dalmatian Christmas cards for you to tofall in love with on this post –

Dalmatian Christmas Cards

English Bulldog Christmas Cards

The English Bulldog is one of those dogs that I always think of as so ugly they’re beautiful – you know it makes sense! I love images of this dog and it was really hard to only have a few here as I could easily have filled a whole website with English bulldog cards for you!

Bulldog Christmas Greeting Cardbulldog christmas cardsSanta Bulldog Christmas Cardsanta bulldog christmas cardBulldog Christmas Greeting Cardbulldog christmas greeting cardEnglish Bulldog Puppies Xmas Cardenglish bulldog puppies xmas cardChristmas Bulldog Puppy Cardchristmas bulldog puppy cardChristmas Bulldog Greeting Cardchristmas bulldog greeting card

German Shepherd Christmas Cards

Alsatian Dog Christmas Cards for You

Now I must admit that German Shepherds or Alsatians are the one type of dog that I don’t go all gushy over, but I know a lot of people like them so I’ve compiled a lovely selection of Christmas cards for you to choose from right here –

German Shepherd “Waiting Up For Santa” Cardgerman shepherd waiting up for santa cardGerman Shepherds Pulling Santa’s Sleigh Cardgerman shepherds pulling santa's sleigh cardGerman Shepherd – Christmas Greeting Cardgerman shepherd christmas cardNothin’ Butt A German Shepherd Christmas Cardnothin' butt a german shepherd christmas cardGerman Shepherd Santa Greeting Cardgerman shepherd santa greeting cardGerman Shepherd Dog Christmas Cardalsatian christmas card

Labrador Christmas Cards

There are so many cool Lab Christmas cards from Black Labradors, Golden Retriever Labradors to Chocolate Labs that I have to create a separate page for all of the Labrador cards so if a Lab is your dog of choice be sure to check this page out –

Labrador Christmas Cards

Poodle Christmas Cards

My late grandmother absolutely loved her poodles so she would’ve loved to have received one of these cards ….. heck she would probably have brought a selection to send to everyone from herself, granddad and their dogs!!

Cookie & Ginger Celebrate Christmas Greeting Cardpoodle christmas cards“Poodle Meets Snowman” Dog Art Cardpoodle meets snowman cardPoodle “Naughty or Nice” Christmas Cardpoodle christmas greeting cardPoodles Christmas Caroling Cardpoodles christmas caroling cardGorgeous Santa & Poodle Christmas Cardsanta and poodle christmas cardPoodle Snow Globe Christmas Cardpoodle snow globe christmas card

Pug Christmas Cards

There’s something delightfully adorable about pugs and they are fast becoming one of the more popular dog breeds. When you see some of these cute Pug Christmas cards you’ll see why they’re turning so many heads and making everyone say, “I want a pug”.

Pug Christmas Cards

Shih Tzu Christmas Cards

I like a few of these cards, but I have to say if I was forced to pick just one it would be the shih tzu in the gift box – what a beautiful looking Christmas gift.

Christmas Shih Tzu Santa Holiday Cardchristmas shih tzu santa holiday cardShih Tzu -Shih Two Greeting Cardshih tzu greeting cardsShih Tzu Christmas Gift Greeting Cardshih tzu christas gift greeting cardShih Tzu in Santa Hat Christmas Cardshih tzu in santa hat christmas cardShih Tzu in Xmas Tree Christmas Cardshih tzu in xmas tree christmas cardShih Tzu Christmas Gift Greeting Cardshih tzu christmas cards

Yorkshire Terrier Christmas Cards

One of my godmothers had a Yorkshire Terrier for years who’s name was Toby and I’m sure if she’d known that these cards existed back then she would’ve sent them to all of us!

As far as the cuteness factor goes I would have to choose the first Christmas card featured, but if you’re after a fun card then the second one made me laugh!

Santa Yorkshire Terrier Christmas Cardsanta yorkshire terrier christmas cardSnowman and Yorkie Christmas cardsnowman and yorkie christmas cardYorkie Christmas & Mistletoe Cardyorkie christmas and mistletoe cardHoliday Yorkie Christmas Cardholiday yorkie christmas cardKawaii Yorkshire Terrier Christmas Cardkawaii yorkshire terrier christmas cardYorkie Merry Xmas From Our House To Yours Cardyorkie christmas cards


Dog Christmas Cards

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