Gothic Birthday Cards

Send a Unique Birthday Greeting with a Gothic Birthday Card

Gothic Birthday CardsAre you looking for a Gothic birthday card? There are so many different types of Gothic sub-cultures around that defining what is a Gothic birthday card can be a little hard. I think you’ll find that I cover most types of Goths with this collection of Gothic birthday cards that I’ve found for you online.

All of these cards are only available online through Zazzle which allows you to fully customize the cards adding names to personalize it or even your own special birthday messages.
There are no minimum orders required (although discounts are available for bulk orders) and your Gothic birthday card will be made within 24 hours.

What are we waiting for? Let’s have a look at some of these great Gothic birthday cards and see what one will suit your needs best.

Dark Gothic Birthday Cards

There are lots of different aspects to the Goth culture, but a lot of people just think it’s about looking at the ‘dark’ side of things which is a shame as Goth is all about beauty and romance and lots of other things. Some of us do, however, embrace the dark side of nature and if you know someone like this then these are ideal birthday cards for them.

dark angel birthday cardDark Angel and Steeple Birthday Cardraven, cross and skull cardRaven, Cross and Skull Cardfallen headstone gothic cardFallen Headstone Gothic Birthday Cardgraveyard scene gothic birthday cardGraveyard Scene Gothic Birthday Cardcolorful gothic coffins birthday cardColorful Gothic Coffins Happy Birthday Cardgrim reaper greeting cardGrim Reaper Birthday Greeting Cardhappy birthday ravens den cardHappy Birthday – Ravens Den Cardsgothic cathedral in purple birthday cardGothic Cathedral in Purple Happy Birthday Cardpurple lightning storm gothic cardPurple Lightning Storm Gothic Card

Personalized Gothic Birthday Cards

It’s always nice when you can personalize a birthday card with someone’s names and it’s not often that you can find Gothic style cards where you can do this. I love that I’ve found these and I’ll be sending the middle one to someone very special this year – I love the black and purple of the card and I’m sure she will too.

purple gothic customized birthday cardPurple Gothic Customized Birthday Cardpersonalized gothic birthday cardsPersonalized Gothic Birthday Cardpersonalized gothic birthday cardPersonalized Gothic Birthday Card

Gothic Fairies & Gothic Ladies Birthday Cards

cute fun gothic fairy birthday cardCute Fun Gothic Fairy Happy Birthday Cardgothic birthday card‘Birthday Fright’ Gothic Birthday Cardbirthday card with gothic fairyBirthday Card with Moonies Gothic Fairy’s

There are lots of different styles of Gothic woman from this purple romantic version right through to these other designs above.

goth woman greeting cardGoth Woman Greeting Card

They are all full of dark fantasies and are, in my opinion, simply gorgeous!

I’m rather partial to the color purple which is why I like the fantasy card on the left, but there are also some more ethereal designs which are quite Gothic in feel that you can see really well in the middle card below. Ghostly, Gothic, gorgeous or just a perfect card?

I hope you enjoy these fantasy Gothic women when they send you lots of birthday wishes.

gothic couture swallow fairy card“Gracie” Gothic Couture Swallow Fairy Cardspooky gothic lady greeting cardSpooky Gothic Lady Greeting Cardborn to raze hell gothic birthday cardBorn to Raze Hell Birthday Gothic Greeting Card

From the Gothic ladies above right through to the sexy Gothic lady image below you can see how many different styles are encompassed within the Goth culture.

sexy gothic lady birthday greeting cardHappy Birthday, Sexy Gothic Lady Greeting Card

Fun Goth Inspired Birthday Cards

Sometimes you need to lighten up a bit and these next couple of cards really add a fun element to Goth which won’t suit everyone, but I know a couple of young ‘wannabe’ Goths that would be very amused to receive one of these!

batty birthday blood bats goth emo alternative cardBatty Birthday Blood Bats Goth Emo Alternative Cardcute gothic winged heart greeting cardCute Gothic Winged Heart Greeting Card

Emo Goth | Cyber Goth Birthday Cards

girly pink goth fanged skull on black cardGirly Pink Goth Fanged Skull on Black Cardcute punk goth hot pink and black birthday cardCute Punk Goth Hot Pink and Black Birthday Card

More Gothic Birthday Cards

With so many different sub-cultures within the overall Gothic culture it’s hardly surprising to find a wide range of different birthday cards that are labeled Gothic and here are yet more!

fancy blue gothic birthday cardFancy Blue Gothic Birthday Day Cardbirthday greetings cardBirthday Greetings Greeting Cardabstract floral gothic black greeting cardAbstract Floral Gothic Black Greeting Cardred rose gothic birthday cardRed Rose Gothic Birthday Greeting Cardgothic rose birthday cardGothic Rose Birthday Greetings Cardvintage rose happy birthday greeting cardVintage Rose Happy Birthday Greeting Cardblack cros birthday cake greeeting cardBlack Crow Birthday Cake Greeting Cardgothic black crow birthday cardGothic Black Crow Birthday Cardfour ravens in snow greeting cardFour Ravens in Snow Greeting Card

If you’re not sure what type of Goth you’re buying a card for then I’d go with the first card in this section as it’s dark enough for most Goths, but it’s a more generalized Gothic than some of the other cards.


Gothic Birthday Cards

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