Flower Birthday Cards

What Flower Would You Like on Your Birthday Card?

Flower Birthday CardsFlower birthday cards have long been popular from the very first (commercially available) birthday cards sent by the Victorians to today’s society. The most popular birthday card flower is definitely the rose, but there are lots of other popular floral designs for you to chose from.

I have included a selection of my favorite birthday card flower – the blue iris – along with flower birthday cards for you to customize, vintage designs and modern flower greeting cards.

This year flower birthday cards are blooming all over the place and these are no exception. They are made on high quality card stock by a variety of different artists and photographers and are available for you to purchase from your own home – what could be easier?

Blue Iris Birthday Cards

Floral Greeting Cards Never Looked as Good!

My favorite flower is definitely the Blue Iris – I love the Dutch Iris and the Flag Iris, in fact in some garden centers they seem to mix the two different irises up……or maybe it depends on where you live! There’s something magical about an iris, but the deep blue adds even more of a depth to the flower which is why they are my favorite.

I’ve never tried to grow them myself, but I’ve told my hubby enough times to leave the roses for other people and bring me blue irises (I love roses too, but they can’t hold a torch to these beauties). These three cards would certainly stay up on my shelf long after my birthday has passed 😀

iris birthday cardsGorgeous Blue Iris Happy Birthday Cardiris birthday greeting cardIris Vase “Happy Birthday” Greeting Cardblue flag iris flower photography birthday cardBlue Flag Iris Flower Photography Birthday Card

Personalize Your Flower Birthday Cards

Vintage Style Floral Birthday Greetings

These flower birthday cards are both cards with frames that enable you to upload a special photo or image to Zazzle yourself and personalize the card to make it extra special. It’s really quite simple to do – click on the design you want and then click on the customize button. Next you’ll want to click on add image and upload the image from your computer – click ok and you’re nearly there.

I found that the image I had was too big to fit in the frame so I clicked the – (minus) sign until the picture was small enough to be central in the frame. I think this would be great to add a picture of a loved pet, family member or friend. If they’re a prize winning gardener you could always add a photo from their latest prize winning plant.

personalized poppy birthday greetings cardPoppy Birthday Greetings Card Framenasturtium birthday greetings cardNasturtium Birthday Greetings Card Frame

More Vintage Inspired Birthday Cards

Floral Cards (of course!)

begonia vintage birthday cardBegonia Vintage Birthday Cardvintage flower birthday cardVintage Flower Birthday Card

More Flower Birthday Cards

happy birthday flowers greeting cardHappy Birthday Flowers | Greeting Cards

There are so many different types of flowers that the amount of variety in floral birthday cards can be quite breathtaking, but I’m hopeful that you’ll be able to find something you like from the selection I’ve cultivated for you here.

If you’re not sure which card to purchase you can always go with a mixed bouquet or a collage of different flowers. I love the look of the flower collage on the birthday card opposite as I think the designer has selected the four different flowers (and their settings) beautifully, it just feels festive to me, but the white flowers on the bottom keep it from being too over the top – what do you think?

floral tribute birthday cardFloral Tribute Birthday Greetings Cardflower frame birthday cardFlower Frame-BD Greeting Cardsfloral birthday greeting cardsFloral Birthday Greeting Cardssophisticated flower birthday cardSophisticated Flower Birthday Cardbirthday greeting cardHappy Birthday Greeting Cardgorgeous flower photo birthday cardGorgeous Flower Photo Birthday card

Rose Birthday Cards

The rose or roses are most definitely the most popular of all the birthday card flowers, as you know the blue iris is mine, but it appears that I’m in the minority as most people will think of roses when they think of flowers.

Not wanting to dominate my selection of flower birthday cards with a collection of rose birthday cards I’ve given them their very own page – enjoy!

Rose Birthday Cards
Are you looking for the perfect birthday card for someone who loves roses? Then I have a selection you are going to love from pink roses to purple roses, vin

More Flower Birthday Cards

A Floral Birthday Tribute

Let’s continue our browse through the florist shop that this card page seems to have turned into and find the ‘perfect’ floral birthday card for you to give to someone. There are classic designs ideal for special grandmas as well as modern designs that will look fantastic for your diva-like sister!

pink floral birthday cardPink Floral Happy Birthday Cardpink tulips birthday cardHappy Birthday-Pink Tulips Cardspotted lily birthday cardFramed Spotted Lily Birthday Cardhibiscus flower birthday cardHibiscus And Friends Flower Birthday Cardgerbera birthday cardGerbera Happy Birthday Cardpink coneflower birthday cardPink Coneflower Birthday Card


“Each flower is a soul blossoming out to nature.”
Gerard De Nerval

vintage victorian floral birthday cardVintage Victorian Floral Birthday Day Cardbright and cheerful floral birthday cardBright & Cheerful Floral Birthday Cardpretty purple flowers birthday cardPretty Purple Flowers Birthday Cardred flower birthday cardRed Flower – Happy Birthday Cardwhite tulips birthday greeting cardWhite Tulips • Birthday Greeting Cardred floral birthday cardRed Flash Floral Birthday Card

Gorgeous floral birthday cards

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