Bird Birthday Cards

Send Your Birthday Wishes with a Bird Birthday Card!

Bird Birthday Cards
Kookaburra photo by Louanne Cox of Lou’s Designs

Are you looking for a bird birthday card to send to someone this year? Whether you want to send a funny or cute card there are bird birthday cards to suit. There are also some great bird birthday cards that are based on bird photography and these are sure to impress any birdwatcher that you know.

I think everyone has their favorite bird, my mum loves owls while I like seagulls……mind you I also think pukekos are cute and I have a friendly magpie that comes onto my back balcony to talk to me in the mornings! Whatever bird you like best I’m sure you’ll find a lovely selection of birds on these birthday cards

Duck Cards

A ‘Quacker’ of a Birthday Card Idea

party of ducks birthday cardParty of Ducks Birthday Cardduck birthday cardsDuck Birthday Greetings Cardhappy birthday duck greeting cardHappy Birthday Duck Greeting Card

I think just about everyone loves ducks so these cards should be ideal to send to a number of different people. Feeding ducks seems to be something we do as kids and then again when we have kids ourselves or are looking after nieces and nephews etc. I am sure that’s why so many people love to see photos of ducks – I particularly like the duck with the reflection above.

Seagull Birthday Cards

Take Yourself Away to the Ocean!

seagull birthday cardsSeagull Birthday Greeting Cardlaughing gull birthday cardAunt’s Laughing Gull Bird Birthday Cardseagulls at sunset birthday cardSeagull at Sunset Birthday Card

Seagulls are one of my favorite birds, there’s just something about them that I find really relaxing (and no definitely not the sound that they make!) The middle bird birthday card featured above is a Seagull Birthday Card for an Aunt, but the great thing about it is that if you click on it you can personalize it to add a friend’s name or another word like Mom or Brother etc. I do love the fact that nearly all of the cards featured on this page can be personalized.

Owl Cards

Have a Hoot of a Time This Birthday!

You’ll ensure that someone has a hoot of a birthday when you send them a gorgeous owl birthday card. Owls are always considered wise old birds so in a way you’re paying someone quite a compliment.

bard owl greeting cardElegant Christmas, Barn Owl, Bird Greeting Cardcute owl birthday cardEncouraging, Compliment Cute Owl Birthday Cardnight owl birthday cardNight Owl Birthday Greeting Card

I must admit I love owl cards as they make me think of my mum who loves owls and would absolutely flip out over any of these cards for her birthday!

More Great Bird Birthday Cards

From Pukekos to Pelicans!

There are so many different types of birds that you can find on cards these days that it’s hard to know when to stop adding them! There are some great birds like pukekos that you might not have heard of before as they’re native to New Zealand. I’ve included two of them here because I think they are just plain cool looking birds! They have a purple chest and red head and when you see them trying to take off in flight from water they are a sight to behold – it’s almost like they’re walking on water and you don’t think they’ll ever be able to fly!

I’ve also added a spoonbill and a common sight in the part of Australia where I live – a pelican. Add a coot and a heron into the mix and the other birds that I’ve added elsewhere on the page and I think it’s a lovely collection. I would’ve loved to have added kingfishers and robins, even pigeons, but there’s only so much space available on a webpage so I might have to add them on a second page in the future.

spoonbill birthday cardSpoonbill Birthday Cardcoot greeting cardCoot Greeting Cardpelican birthday cardBirthday Card with Pelicanpukeko birthday cardPukeko Birthday Cardpukeko birthday cardsPukeko Birthday Cardblue heron greeting cardBlue Heron Greeting Card

More Greeting Cards for You

Cute and/or Funny Bird Birthday Cards

hoppy bird-day funny greeting card“hoppy bird-day” Funny Greeting Cardcrazy old bird birthday cardCrazy Old Bird, Happy Birthday! Raven Cardfunny birds birthday cardFunny Birds Birthday Greeting Cardhappy birthday chick greeting cardHappy Birthday Chick Greeting Cardsowls greeting cardPink Owls in a Row Greeting Cardpink bird birthday cardHappy Birthday Pink Bird Greeting Card

Why We Love Birds

I think this quote sums up what it is we love about birds, don’t you?


“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
Maya Angelou

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