Zombie Birthday Cards

Zombie Birthday CardsIf you have any zombie loving friends or family members with a birthday coming up then you can be sure they will absolutely love this selection of zombie birthday cards.

There’s even a personalized one available that you can add their name to it to make it extra special.  Although you should note that it comes with a promise to eat them last and to be honest I don’t think zombies keep promises so make


 Personalized Zombie Birthday Card Zombie Birthday Card Zombie-riffic Birthday Card Wine o’clock zombie card Legless birthday zombie card Zombie needs coffee… card


If none of these zombie birthday cards have tickled your fancy then you might like some of these from Etsy, a gorgeous meat kebab one and two inspired by one of the best shows on television at the moment – The Walking Dead!


 TWD Inspired Birthday Card Meat Kebab Zombie Card TWD Inspired Birthday Card

Zombie Birthday Cards
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Zombie Valentine’s Day Cards

Zombie Valentine's Day CardsZombie Valentine’s Day Cards look to remain just as popular in 2017 as they have been for the last couple of years.   Whether you’re an i-Zombie fan or more of The Walking Dead style of Zombie fan you are sure to enjoy one of these Valentine’s Day cards.

I know some people are still a little upset that the Zombie Apocalpse didn’t actually happen in December 2012 so you could cheer them up with one of these cards this Valentine’s Day.   Personally as much as I like watching Zombie shows I’m not sure I would have survived the apocalypse, but one of these cards would still go down well for me!

Whether you like funny Valentine’s Day cards, cute Valentine’s Day cards or even just heartfelt cards there’s a Zombie Valentine’s Day card to suit you on this page so try and show the person you love how much you care with a card instead of ripping their actual hearts out on Valentine’s Day.

Cute Zombie Valentine’s Day Cards

Let’s face it Zombies did use to be people so who’s to say that they can’t feel love and want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone special …… okay the chances are they’ll want to eat that person’s brains, but you have to take a risk for love don’t you???

As some believe that zombies can feel love – Warm Bodies anyone – it stands to reason that there should be some ‘cute’ Zombie Valentine’s Day cards available.   I’ve found a couple that are sure to be appreciated, after all who can resist a Zombie that offers up a heart?

zombie love cardZombie Love Cardzombie love cardsZombie Love Card

Zombie Poetry or How a Zombie Professes Their Love

They may be the undead, but they can still write poetry – the spellings a bit iffy, but the emotion is still there. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these romantic Zombie love letters in the form of greeting cards…..

zombie valentine poem cardZombie Valentine Poem Cardzombie valentines day cardZombie Valentines Day Love Letter Card

Valentine’s Day Cards for Zombie Lovers

Can love even conquer the undead?  In Warm Bodies we see a Zombie and human holding hands and in this card we see two Zombies hand in hand.

zombie valentines day cardsZombie Love Gothic Valentine’s Day Card

This card is a very romantic one as far as Zombie Valentine’s Day cards go – it’s an image that just makes you want to sigh at the thought of love overcoming the fact that you’re both undead – love really is eternal!

I think that this is definitely the card for any romantic Zombie out there, but if you’re not overly romantic it’s okay as I’ve still got some more cards to show you that don’t have quite as much ‘ahh factor’ about them. So if you didn’t go mushy at Warm Bodies and want something less ‘hands on’ then perhaps you’ll prefer these next cards for your Zombie Valentine

Be My Zombie Valentine? Greeting CardBe My Zombie Valentine? Greeting CardZombie Valentine's Day CardZombie Valentine’s Day CardZombie Mona Lisa Valentine's Day CardZombie Mona Lisa Valentine’s Day CardZombie Valentine Greeting CardZombie Valentine Greeting CardZombie Valentine Greeting CardZombie Valentine Greeting CardFunny Zombie in Cemetery Valentine’s CardFunny Zombie in Cemetery Valentine’s Card


Celebrate Zombie Valentine’s Day With a Gift

A card is great as a declaration of love, but a gift as well goes down really well whether it’s a brain lollipop or something bigger. This site may help you with gift ideas –

Zombie Gift Ideas


Zombie Valentines Day Cards

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.

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