Zombie Christmas Cards

Have a Very Un-Dead Christmas This Year

Zombie Christmas CardIf you’re enamored by zombies or have friends who love to zombify everything then these zombie inspired Christmas cards are ideal for you to send this year.

I came across a couple of zombie Christmas cards quite by accident and I absolutely love them – they are ideal for sending to my zombie obsessed brother. I also have to confess that since discovering The Walking Dead, I am starting to get quite into the booming zombie culture of late.

These cards are certainly a fun way of adding a little un-dead into your holiday celebrations this year …… of course cards may not be enough for you, in which case may I recommend some Zombie holiday decorating? For now let’s look at the cool greeting cards available.


The 12 Days of Christmas – Zombie Style

A Cool & Unique Zombie Christmas Card

I absolutely love this zombie Christmas card as the designer has come up with their own undead take on the popular 12 days of Christmas song.

The 12 Days of Zombie Christmas CardThe 12 Days of Zombie Christmas Card

So why not sing this song during your holiday celebrations – you know you want to ……..”12 bloody footsteps, 11 guts a spilling, 10 hearts a rotting…..”

I think this has to be my favorite take on a Zombie Christmas card, but if it doesn’t appeal to you then you might like some of the other holiday greeting cards I’ve compiled for you

Some Fun Zombie Holiday Greetings

Christmas Cards with a Difference!

Here’s a few cool zombie inspired Christmas cards that you might prefer to the one above. They are all available through Zazzle which means you can order the quantity you want not however many come in a box. I love this as I have so many odd cards left over from holidays past.

Zombie Christmas Stockings Greeting Cardzombie christmas stockings cardHave A Very ZOMBIE Christmas Cardhave a very zombie christmas cardCool Zombie Christmas Greeting Cardcool zombie christmas cardsHave a very Zom-Bee Holiday Greeting Cardhave a very zombee holiday card

Zombie Gingerbread Men Cards

Run, Run As Fast As You Can……

The part of the traditional gingerbread man story when it goes, ‘run, run, as fast as you can, can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man,’ wasn’t quite true as we can see from these cards.

The gingerbread man may not have been eaten by the old couple or even the wily old fox, but a zombie obviously bit most of these gingerbread man so that they’re now undead too. The biggest question this poses to me is what happens if you eat a zombie gingerbread man?

Season’s Eatings Zombie Greeting Cardseasons geatings zombie greeting cardRun, Run As Fast As You Can Greeting Cardrun, run as fast as you can greeting card

Zombie Santa Christmas Cards

What do you think would happen if Santa himself became a zombie? Brains all around or would he just be eating yours???

Here are some fun, some gruesome, but all undead holiday greeting cards for you to enjoy!

Zombie Santa Christmas Cardzombie santa christmas cardMayan Advent Calendar Cardmayan advent calendar cardSanta Corpse Zombie Holiday Cardsanta corpse zombie holiday cardZombie Santa Christmas Cardzombie santa christmas cardsZombie Santa Christmas Cardzombie santa christmas cardZombie Santa Christmas Cardzombie santa christmas card


Zombie Christmas Cards

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